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True Hot Yoga in Glendale!

I practice hot yoga because it makes me feel amazing. When I lived in California, I had an amazing hot yoga studio nearby. I hoped I would find something similar in Arizona and am so happy I discovered True Hot Yoga.

I must admit that I am quit picky when it comes to hot yoga studios. I’ve been to several studios and some are just better than others. I love studios that have wood floors (there is nothing worse than smelly carpet), that play music during practice and have great energy. True Hot Yoga offers all of these benefits.

In addition to the benefits above, True Hot Yoga is a studio that lets you enjoy the practice. The instructors will lead you verbally and will help you if you need to make an adjustment. Unlike other studios, they won’t yell at you if you need to take a water break before the designated time.

True Hot Yoga has 2 locations: Glendale & Scottsdale. If you are nearby, I highlight recommend you try a class.

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