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Cryotherapy has become an increasingly popular treatment for health conscious individuals. This innovative treatment exposes the body to very cold temperatures stimulating multiple health, fitness, weight-loss, healing, and beauty benefits.

We recently signed up for a whole body cryotherapy monthly membership at CERULEAN Progressive Athletic Training & Wellness in Scottsdale and have experienced several benefits, including increased athletic performance and improved skin. We’re excited to give you a first-hand look at the experience and share our results:

Whole Body Cryotherapy Sauna
When you check-in at CERULEAN, you are assigned a changing room where you’ll remove your clothes, put on knee-high socks and put on a robe. When you’re ready, you’ll enter the room with the Whole Body Cryotherapy Sauna (featured in the video below) and a staff member will guide you through the 2-3 minute session.

Whole Body Cryotherapy Session
If the thought of Cryotherapy scares you, you’ll probably be relieved to know that only your body from the neck down is exposed to the cold temperatures. It gets really cold but is bearable – we like to move around while we are getting the treatment (video below).

Why Whole Body Cryotherapy Works
During cryotherapy, your skin is chilled to just above freezing which triggers a fight-or-flight survival response that causes blood to temporarily leave the less important extremities for the body’s core. The body prepares to fix any potentially damaged vital organs by pushing more oxygen, enzymes, and nutrients into the blood, and when the treatment is over, that enriched blood flows back into the rest of the body, accelerating cell renewal in tissues and skin.

Cryotherapy Benefits
As someone who is very active (weight lifting, crossfit classes, spin classes & soccer), I noticed the following benefits:

  • Reduced soreness and reduced recovery time
  • Increased athletic performance after treatments
  • Endorphin rush & energy burst right after treatments

I took advantage of my membership and had 4-5 cryotherapy sessions per week.

Arctic Cryo-Facials
A unique offering from CERULEAN is the option for ‘Arctic Cryo-Facials’ and localized cryotherapy. We added a cryo-facial package and saw huge improvements in our skin, including evening of our skin tone, increased brightness and reduction of fine lines. We love the treatment because its results-driven and only takes 15 minutes per session (no need to remove your makeup).  If you’re injured, localized cryotherapy focuses on the injured area to speed up the repair and recovery process.

Cellular Repair Therapy
As part of the monthly cryotherapy membership, you’ll have access to 4 treatments at the Rejuvenation Bullpen. We choose to incorporate the cellular repair therapy which employs revolutionary technology that delivers free radicals and oxidative stress protection. The device and the method are FDA-registered, proven, and safe and is designed to improve cellular activities, specifically by improving the body’s response to oxidative stress.

CERULEAN Progressive Training & Wellness opened its a 8,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility earlier this year. If you are serious about investing in your health and overall wellness, we highly recommend you give this place a visit.
IMG_7925The monthly membership is an amazing deal. For $299, you get unlimited access to the whole body cryotherapy sauna (a single cryotherapy session can cost up to $75 per session!).  The monthly membership also includes 4 additional wellness treatments, including cellular repair therapy, compression recovery therapy, electro-stimulation therapy and IHT (intermittent or sedentary altitude therapy/training).

To learn more about cryotherapy at CERULEAN Progressive Training & Wellness, visit www.livecerulean.com.

CERULEAN Progressive Training & Wellness
9150 E Del Camino Dr #101
Scottsdale, AZ 85258
(480) 362-3622

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