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Sears-Kay Trail

This 1 mile loop in the Cave Creek area commands a dramatic view of the desert foothills!

IMG_0706If you’re looking for a quick moderate hike in the Cave Creek area, try the Sears-Kay trail! This trail features ruins that are 900 years old from the people known as Hopokam, ancestors of today’s Pima Indians.

The trail is a 1 mile loop and has a nice incline so you will get a nice little workout. Once you reach the top, you will see the ruins and a gorgeous view of the foothills. There are signs along the way that IMG_0768provide information about the ruins.

After the hike, you can have a BBQ or picnic in 1 of 3 covered shelters at the site. Each has a picnic table and charcoal BBQ.

Directions: From Carefree, take Cave Creek Road/Seven Springs Rd./Forest Road (FR) 24 for 14 miles north to Sears Kay.

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