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True Exhilaration: Machine Gun Shooting

Ok ladies, if you want live on the edge or treat your man to some fun, add a day at the Scottsdale Gun Club to your bucket list!

If you’ve ever envied the badass women in action movies, you probably wish you could shoot a gun. Stop the wishing and head to the shooting range!

IMG_0374Wanting to add a little excitement to my life, I visited Scottsdale Gun Club to shoot a machine gun. Having shot a handgun in the past, I was worried about the kickback being more powerful. When I checked-in at the front desk, I had no idea what kind of machine gun I wanted to shoot. Robert was awesome in explaining different features of various machine guns and recommend I shoot a HK-UMP for less kickback (I am in LOVE with this gun). He also recommended using a laser attachment to help with my aim… I highly recommend it!

Once the gun was selected, I choose¬†my targets, put in my earplugs, put on my protective eyewear and headed into one of the shooting lanes. If you rent a machine gun, staff from the gun club will go to the lane with you to help you load the gun and make sure you don’t have issues. Once the gun was loaded and ready to fire, I switched the setting to a single shot to test the power and feel. Once I was comfortable, I switched the setting to automatic and let the bullets rip – it was beyond exhilarating!

The downside to a machine gun is that you go through bullets really quickly. Each magnet holds 25 bullets which can be shot in less than 30 seconds… my targets were destroyed!

After shooting the machine gun, I am addicted. I want to get my own gun and sign up for some classes . One of the cool things about the Scottsdale Gun Club is that they have a gun store and offer classes on-site.

Let’s face it, there is no downside to being a woman who can handle a gun… only good can come from this. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to shoot a gun or if you want to try a machine gun, head to the Scottsdale Gun Club. The staff is super friendly and will help you get set-up.

On another note, the holidays are right around the corner. If you want to gift your man a fun experience, get him a gift card for machine gun shooting. He will love it… I promise!

Here’s my boyfriend shooting the machine gun:

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  1. Yes!!! I have always wanted to try this! Thanks for writing about it.


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