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Phoenix Hiking: Lookout Mountain Trail

The Lookout Mountain trail in Phoenix offers 360 degree views of the city. For a breathtaking view, try this hike at Sunrise!

IMG_0514There are multiple ways to access the Lookout Mountain Trail. There is a main trailhead located off Greenway Parkway & 16th street and a few residential entrances – my GPS lead us to a residential entrance.

We arrived at 6:45am hoping to catch the sunrise – it was beautiful! The sky had shades of pink and
=the sun lit-up the rocks as we hiked upward to reach the lookout point.

IMG_0518Overall, the hike was quick & easy. There are several lookout points along the way and the main lookout point provides 360 degree views of the city that are breathtaking.

If you decide to hike this trail at sunrise, make sure you wear warm clothes. When we arrived at the top, it was windy and a bit chilly.

IMG_0519Important Trail Info

  • For the Summit trail, 1.2 miles to the top and back. For the Circumference trail, 1.5 miles for the loop.
    (2.7 miles total if you do both)
  • Elevation Change: 500 feet
  • IMG_0523Time: 30 minutes for the Summit trail & 1 hour for the Summit and Circumference trail
  • Difficulty: Easy


1 Comment on Phoenix Hiking: Lookout Mountain Trail

  1. Love this site. Such great information…looking forward to my trip to Arizona!


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