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Forget Date Night! How about Date Week?

The valley is full of exciting events and entertainment this February. With so much going on, its the perfect time to plan a week of date nights with your significant other or friends.

I’m particularly excited for Cirque Du Soleil and Arizona Cocktail Week.  I’ve got tickets to both and have planned to take advantage of the week-long festivities.

AZCW-13My week will start with the Cocktail Carnival on Feb 14th at Hotel Valley Ho. The evening event will feature cocktail classics such as the Appletini, Mind Eraser, Surfer on Acid, White Russian, Sex on the Beach and even the Harvey Wallbanger re-invigorated and re-imagined by some of the top mixologists in the country. Tickets are $25. The venue alone for this event is amazing… you should seriously consider getting a room or taking advantage of specials at the restaurant and spa – it’s Valentine’s Day for crying out loud!

verFollowing the Cocktail Carnival is Cirque Du Soleil’s new show, Varekai. The show will take the stage at US Airways Center February 18th -22nd (I have my tickets for opening night!). Cirque Du Soleil is known for creating shows with a dramatic mix of circus arts and street entertainment. Varekai will feature a captivating forest inhabited by whimsical and enchanted creatures. I cannot wait!! Tickets start at $35.

Clearly, this is a week not to be missed! If you have somebody you love, treat them to some fun & entertainment. If you’re riding solo, call up some friends take advantage of cocktail specials across the valley all week long!! Get the full scoop on Arizona Cocktail Week here.

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  1. PLEASE Note: The photos with the pool for AZ Cocktail Week are not Cirque du Soleil…they are CSA Events/Circus School of Arizona. We are excited to be the entertainment this year as well. Cirque du Soleil is a separate company, and many of our CSA Events/Circus School of Arizona performers are thrilled Varekai is coming to town so that we can see them. Rachel Stegman, owner of the local CSA Events/Circus School of Arizona has worked with some of the performers in Varekai and other shows as well as trained some performers in the amazing company, but that is the full extent of the association with Cirque du Soleil.


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