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Watch out Nail Salons… There’s a New Experience in Town

Mimosas, Wine, Coffee, WiFi, a Lounge Area, a Heavenly Smell and Friendly Staff are just a few things that set M3V Nail Bar apart!

Time and time again, innovative entrepreneurs start new businesses to reinvent the old and outdated. Uber has reinvented the taxi experience, Drybar has reinvented the hair salon experience and now M3V Nail Bar has transformed the nail experience.

IMG_0904When I walked into M3V, I was immediately impressed. The space was elegant, clean and bright. The staff was welcoming and escorted me to the beverage bar where I happily picked my first beverage… coffee!

As I looked around, I loved all the details… the red, black & white color scheme, the black leather couches in the meeting/lounge area, the beautiful chandelier, the plush black spa chairs partitioned by elegant red drapes and the u-shaped nail bar for manis & acrylics.

After I selected my polish, I settled into the plush spa chair and enjoyed the delicious coffee. I was particularly happy I brought my laptop because M3V offers WiFi. What better way to do work than while getting a pedi?!?

IMG_0902The pedicure was completely relaxing and turned out amazing. I really liked the hassle-free menu of services and the complimentary 2 beverages included with the nail service.

After the pedicure, I moved over to the nail bar for my gel manicure. I decided to try a mimosa for my second beverage… I was in heaven.  The u-shaped nail bar was a really cool feature… it created a fun social environment to interact with friends. What other nail place can you get that vibe AND drink mimosas, wine and/or beer?!?

My gel manicure turned out great and I left feeling happy and relaxed. I highly recommend you give this place a try, but only if you are willing to say goodbye to your current nail salon.

Interested in the inspiration behind M3V Nail Bar? Click here to read our interview with founder Tracy VanBibber.


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